mermaid bridal gown with sleeve

I adore when women TREAT THEMSELVES to exquisite experiences. We only have 80 to 100 years on this earth. Have you ever adorned yourself in the most exquisite manner you possibly can? Like purchased and worn a ball gown? Been taken to a Cotillion event? Worn an over the moon top notch feminine dress? Worn a tiara? mermaid bridal gown with sleeve

We all deserve such moments in our lives and plenty of them. If you haven't, how can you create moments like this in your life? What is between the you today and the you who experiences such events tomorrow?

These are great questions we can ask ourselves.

Why? Because one of the greatest Law of Attraction questions I have heard to-date is: Who Do I Have to BE in order to have, to receive (fill in the blank)?

Who Do I Have to Be...

You may already be this person but haven't embraced those parts of yourself.

You may have to make some internal shifts in regards to your Self Talk, your innermost sense of Self Worth.

How do you really feel about yourself. Do you feel that 100% of yourself is worth celebrating to such an extent that you are filling your closet with such dresses and experiences with the man you love?

I use this dress as an example. It may not be your style. I'm more so referring to your being able to create luxurious self loving experiences where you are THE queen, THE princess, THE shiny, adorned, adored FEMININE beauty of your own personal universe.

With love,

Leah Love Schlueter

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Beautiful colour, dress by Ese ? ?